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Spookyard Shows

Trick or Treat Training

Shows at 10.30am and 1.30pm

Terrors in training are invited to learn how to be the most successful spooks possible by our
disturbing duo Bibbety and Bobbety. They’re Halloween enthusiasts who just love Trick or Treating!
It’s a serious business at Over Farm and the best Trick or Treaters can make even the bravest
tremble and the boldest quake in their boots, before indulging in the finest sweet treats of course!
So if you’re going to be the spookiest scarer there is, then you’ll need some practice. Luckily A
mysterious door has appeared, what better way to practice your Trick or Treating skills! So join
Bibbety and Bobbety on a crash course in sneaking, scaring and sweets!

Interactive show at Spookyard

The Scarecrow Show

Shows at 11.30am and 2.30pm

It’s Halloween at Over Farm and things have gone a little bit awry! It seems that a horrible witch
called Zelda Zappov has taken up residence in a ploy to become the Queen of Halloween! That has
put everyone at Over in a bit of a spin! If The Queen of Halloween takes over the farm then it will be
turned into a horrible place where nothing will grow and the only animals will be horrid monsters!
In fact Over Farm wouldn’t be a farm at all! Someone has to stop her, but who? Well Miss
Barleycorn the Scarecrow has some great ideas, but she might need some help from the visiting boys
and girls. Will you help Miss Barleycorn defeat Zelda Zappov and her fearsome zapping stick? A fun,
interactive show for everyone to enjoy at the Spookyard this year!

Fancy Dress Competition

Show at 12.30pm

Join resident Witch Hazel and Wizard Wibble to see who’s the spookiest, who’s the cutest, who’s the
smartest and who’s the fanciest of the assembled spooks! Expect mayhem! Wizard Wibble loves
dressing up and will probably try to sneak in as an entrant!

Monster Mashup

Show at 3.30pm

Wizard Wibble loves to boogie! In fact, he loves it so much that before everyone goes home he insists on playing all his favourite songs and dancing! Of course, he wants everyone to join in. All the boys and girls, all the Mums and Dads, the Grandparents, the Aunties and Uncles, all the miscellaneous grown-ups! But of course, he insists that Witch Hazel joins in too. She’s less keen at first but when he plays the Cha Cha Slide she can’t resist