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**The Walk 2020**

Thursday 8 October – Saturday 31 October (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only)

We journey through this trying year, our creatures thrive, have no fear. Around the farm they do dwell, in sets and scenes not far from hell. Your thoughts will race, your mind distorts, ‘tis close to Halloween of course. Follow the lights so you don’t fail, If I were you, I’d stick to the trail…

Whilst Frightmare can’t happen this year, at Over Farm we bloody love Halloween! We’ve got together, put our thinking caps on and come up with “The Walk”.


Wooden Walkway

Make your way towards the jaws of our giant wooden skull to enter the darkness of The Walk.

Pirate’s Gallows

Shiver my timbers, shiver my soul. Dead men tell no tales and these pirates have long since gone to Davey Jones’ Locker.

UV Toxic Wasteland

Did you bring a hazmat suit? You might need one here! Imagine a world where there’s nothing left but glowing chemical waste.

Voodoo Woods

Beware of curses from Witch Doctors and Voodoo Queens, you don’t want them to make a Voodoo Doll of you!

The Cemetery

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth.

The Carousel

You can’t spell slaughter without laugher, so send in the clowns!

Witch’s Hovel

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble! Why not stop in for spell?


Stop by the corn field to say hello to the Over Farm scarecrows, but be warned, they might just say it back!

It’s a Surprise!

Shhhh…The last scene of The Walk is a secret!

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What is it?

A 12A evening walking trail around the farm taking in some amazing sets, scenes and possibly the odd ‘creature’.

Is it scary?

Whilst we will make every effort to try and scare our guests, this is most definitely not the full Frightmare experience. The safety of both you and our team members is our highest priority and as you can imagine, it is tricky to make a socially distanced monster terrifying. Having said that, we do have a couple of surprises for you…

What are the age restrictions?

The Walk is a 12A event however under 15’s will need to be accompanied by an adult.

How long does it take?

That’s completely up to you. It depends on how fast you walk and whether you stop to interact with the characters, take pictures or generally just check out the scenery. Some people speed round in 15 minutes and some take over half an hour to complete it

What else can I do there?

A selection of cold drinks, including alcohol will be available on the entrance to The Walk. At the end of the trail, our large, well ventilated barn plays host to a bar, food options (view the menu here) and stage performance. Seating is required in this area and numbers will be monitored by team members. You will be allowed a maximum of one hour in this area to allow for other guests to enjoy the experience. Details on ordering food and drink whilst on site will be clarified prior to attendance.

Is it COVID-19 safe?

We are making every effort to ensure the safety of our customers and team members isn’t compromised during this time. Please see a full list of measures we are taking at the bottom of the page.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

No, all of our areas are either outdoors or well ventilated, however if you would like to wear a face mask, this will not be discouraged.

Will I get wet or muddy?

The Walk will take place almost entirely outdoors. The trail is along tracks and not through fields, however sturdy, waterproof, washable footwear is advised.  We will endeavour to run in all weathers; however, we do have to consider the welfare of both our customers and team members. Should we cancel an evening due to poor weather, you will be able to change your booking by logging into our ticketing platform free of charge.

Ticket Refunds?

We operate a strict no refunds policy regardless of cancellation reason. However, due to the current climate we have reviewed our policy as follows:

Although we are confident that we can safely open our doors every evening, we appreciate that there are aspects of this event that are out of our control.

Should attending the event be hindered by the following:

1) Our cancellation due to inclement weather

2) Changes in government guidance

3) Your cancellation due to having to “self-isolate”

In these instances, guests will have the option to transfer their booking to another day or receive a voucher code of equal value for use at our 2021 events (excludes Barn on the Farm, Fun Fair and Outdoor Cinema).


You are able to change your booking at any time by logging into our ticketing platform free of charge.

Additional COVID-19 precautions

We are making every effort to ensure the safety of our customers and team members isn’t compromised during this time. Please observe the following procedures that we have put in place in order to assist with this.

  • This is a cashless event.
  • Advanced ticket purchase only. This enable us to track and trace.
  • Please follow social distancing guidance from your time of arrival until the time you leave the farm.
  • Our team members may provide additional guidance at any time, please respect them, we are only interested in everyone’s safety.
  • Our monsters will be distancing by at least 3 metres at all times. This is to reduce the risk of aerosol transmission from their primal screams or your actual screams!
  • Please do not attend The Walk if you or any of your party are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or if you may have recently been exposed to the virus. If you need to exchange or arrange a voucher for a different event, please get in touch.

What our customers say

“We did ‘The Walk’ Friday night, had an amazing evening. Great fun, very well done & organised.” Lindsey Halling – FB

Amazing!! The actors were brilliant and scared the hell out of me at the end! sorry to the security guard I nearly ran into who subsequently dropped his phone! Can’t fault it at all! Definitely 10 out of 10!!Amber Jane – FB

“We had a great night, well organised and safe…..but not safe from creatures, plenty of scares, screams and surprises. Loved the bench wenches” Netty More – FB