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Charity Donations

We love supporting local charities and fundraising where possible. Please put your request in writing on headed paper and send by post to:

Donation Request, Over Farm,
Over, Gloucester,
Please see the instructions below and include the following information in order for us to process your request:

  • The request must be on headed paper, including event name, date of event, official address and charity registration number.
  • Please include a stamped addressed envelope or we will be unable to respond (to the registered charity address, we are unable to respond to an individual’s home address).
  • Please allow at least 4 weeks to process your request. Please take this into account when sending your request so you receive the prize in advance of the event date.
  • We will only donate directly to organisations and charities rather than third parties, i.e. not to those holding events on behalf of other nominated charities or causes.
  • We are only able to donate one prize in a 12 month period.

Please note that we cannot accept requests by email or social media, only via the protocol as listed above.

Thank you.