Choosing the right Christmas tree

Nothing beats the smell of a Christmas tree over the festive period, but which is the best tree to choose? This quick guide should help you make an informed decision about which variety is right for your space, family and taste.

Best for families with younger children and those who suffer from allergies

Nordmann Fir

Originally from eastern Europe, the Nordmann fir has grown in popularity since being introduced to the British market in the 90’s. Its popularity is owed to its excellent needle retention. The needles on this tree are large, dark green and soft to touch, making it ideal for youngsters. The Nordmann fir is also good choice if you suffer from allergies, as the needles have a thick waxy coating.

Best for smaller rooms

Silver Fir

Producing a tall slender tree, they suit a petit room with limited space but are equally at home in any room where they will tuck nicely in a corner! The needles are a lovely silver blue colour which aren’t too prickly and retain incredibly well! Rob the farmer kept one inside in a coolish (say 19C) room until February without it shedding needles. Rest assured, the decorations were taken down at the beginning of January!

Best for traditionalists and outdoor spaces

Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas tree in the UK, the Norwary Spruce brings a lovely scent to a room during the festivities. The trees are generally dense with thin, prickly needles. As they tend to be more prone to dropping needles, they are best suited to cooler rooms or even as an outdoor tree!

Best for bedrooms and hallways

Potted trees

Potted trees make a wonderful addition to any household. They are generally a lot small than cut trees, so are more suited to hallways or a smaller front room. The added benefit is that you can plant them outdoors after the festivities have ended and watch them grow for the following year! Just be sure to treat them as living things and water them regularly when kept inside.

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