How to carve your pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a must-do activity at Halloween for all ages. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite tips to give you a helping hand creating your spooky lantern. Our PYO field is filled with pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colours waiting to be picked!

Choosing your pumpkin

The key to a great lantern is picking the right pumpkin. You’ll find it much easier to carve and it will last longer if you select a fresh pumpkin with a sturdy stem and a relatively flat bottom. Our PYO field has plenty of perfect pumpkins to choose from and you get the benefit of taking some beautiful photos amongst the autumnal backdrop.

Prepping your pumpkin

Getting that first cut into the lid can be challenging. Try to slice at an angle, slowly making your way around the top of the vegetable in an up-and-down motion. Once the lid is removed it’s time to remove the pulp. To keep the mess at bay use an ice cream scoop to gut the centre, placing waste into a spare bowl.

It’s time to carve!

Instead of going straight in, take some time to think about the design you’d like to carve. Practice drawing it out onto a piece of paper. Once you’re happy with it, lightly mark out some guidelines to help you keep it neat. Use a carving kit ideally, but if you don’t have one a serrated kitchen knife will work. Start by making rough cuts to remove large areas and cut into detailed areas carefully.

Decorating your lantern

You could keep it simple and leave you lantern as it is but if you wanted to jazz it up a little, here’s some ideas. Use some of the pulp you removed as hair, the style options are endless! Get creative, use pom poms, glitter, marker pens or paint to really make it your own. Draw on eyebrows or lashes to really bring your pumpkin to life.

All that’s left to do is add a source of light to the inside and replace the lid, a few tealights work brilliantly.

Book to pick your own pumpkin at Over Farm this Halloween. Happy carving!

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