Into the Wild

I love summer at the farm. It’s when things really kick into gear; the place is bouncing with people and there’s a list of activities as long as your arm.

This summer, I’m even more excited, as something we’ve been talking about for three years has finally come to fruition.

I’m delighted to announce that from 1 to 3 August, we’re hosting the award-winning Rogue Theatre, for what promises to be three fantastic days of immersive open-air theatre.

Rogue Theatre in action

If you’ve never come across Rogue Theatre, they’ve developed a reputation as one of the UK’s best open-air theatre companies and regularly perform sell-out shows in their native Cornwall. We’re SUPER excited that they’re joining us this summer.

‘Tales From Wild Places’ is this year’s show and having had a sneak preview, I can assure you that it’s spellbinding stuff.

If you’re thinking that it’s just for kids, think again. Like theatre? Then you’ll love this.

Rogue Theatre are performing two shows on all three dates – find out more and book your tickets by clicking HERE.


Matt Keene
Partner, Over Farm

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