Just woken up

Whether it’s Extinction Rebellion, the Amazon rainforest fire or images of oceans awash with plastic, one thing is clear:

We’ve all woken up to the impact we have on the planet.

And here at Over Farm, we are working hard to ensure that we do our part.

So today, I just wanted to highlight some of the ways in which we’ve committed to sustainability in the shop:

  • Whatever you buy at the shop, you can use a paper bag rather than a plastic one
  • We reuse cardboard boxes from our deliveries, so if you prefer to use a box rather than a bag, just ask next time you’re in
  • We’ve just invested in a gravity dispenser, so whether you’re buying pulses or cereal, you can bring your own bag or container
  • We also offer refills of washing liquids, cleaning sprays and other domestic sprays and creams (again, no additional plastic).
  • We have zero food waste – we compost as well as feeding our animals.

We’re not perfect (yet), but we’re doing our best, so whenever you’re in the shop, it’d be fantastic if you could lend a hand by joining us in our sustainability mission!

And remember, whether you’re in our shop or in your own home – reduce, reuse, recycle.

Have a great day and speak soon,

Ben Loughrey
Farm Shop Manager, Over Farm 

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