PYO Strawberries is finally open

Growing strawberries this year has definitely been a rollercoaster!

The cold weather and constant rain throughout the beginning of the year certainly didn’t make our jobs any easier.

But we couldn’t be happier to say that the strawberries are ready to be picked, the plants are looking healthy, and the delay has actually made the fruit bigger than usual!

So come on over to pick your own.

You can’t beat pulling these red berries right of the plant yourselves and sneaking a few before you get to the till (don’t worry we won’t tell, it’s all part of the PYO experience).

We love to have ours with some local cream from the farm shop. How do you like yours? We’d love to hear from you.

Make sure you give Over Farm a visit this summer and pick your own strawberries.

Much Love,

Rees (The Farmer)

Rees Keene
Partner, Over Farm

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