The strawberry end is nigh…

We aren’t far from the end of strawberry season now. In fact, a lot of farms don’t have many left.

Luckily, by planting next year’s plants, staggered over the early part of the summer, we get a late flush of delicious strawberries that are ready to be picked right now!

However, there is a downside. These late plants don’t produce nearly as much as the main crop does, so supply is tight but there are raspberries and blackberries ready to be picked too and in much greater supply.

Over Farm grown strawberries

If the kids need their legs stretching, why not bring them down to the farm for a run around, to pick some fruit and sample some delights in the farm shop? We also have our family summer trail running throughout the summer holidays.

With a bit of luck, you will get some respite for a few hours (or maybe minutes) afterwards!

Catch you at the farm.


Rees Keene
Partner, Over Farm

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