Sun’s out, time to get strawberry picking!

The sun is shining and the strawberry season is in full force, so I wanted to let you know to come and pick your own before they disappear!

I know, I know, the kids haven’t even broken up yet and I’m telling you about pick your own, but time is tight, the UK outdoor strawberry season is actually quite short.

Traditionally mid-June is the start of the season, with the last fruit ripening towards the end of July, though we have managed to stretch our season by nearly a month here at Over Farm with some late plantings of our favourite variety – Sonata.

Over Farm strawberries

With strawberries in the supermarket available year-round, I have noticed a general lack of awareness about when they are at their best for picking, with customers asking if we have strawberries for picking in September, or even February!

So, to clarify, we are right in the middle of the best time to pick strawberries and the weather forecast is looking pretty good for the next few days.

So why not make a plan to pop down to our farm and grab some strawberries while they are at their peak?

Go on, you know you want to…

See you in the field!


Rees Keene
Partner, Over Farm

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